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wholesale Refurbished iPhone X Supplier China
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Let's continue our topics on refurbished iPhone X disassembly.This is what iusedphone always want to do.Just make everything transparent to our phone dealers.

We cannot offer you the cheapest price among the market but commit to both the quality and win-win business.

Other components on the iPhone X, including original connectors, original speakers, etc.

Refurbished iPhone X wireless charging coil

original iPhone X connector

original iPhone X Taptic Engine

original iPhone spare parts

Remove the original quality grade a Lightning connector

original iPhone X sensor flex

original iPhone X lightning connector

original iPhone X  speaker

Continue to disassemble the original iPhone X's screen assembly. There are many components at the top, including earpieces, microphones, ambient light sensors, distance sensors, and more.

refurbished iPhone LCD glass

Four LED True Tone flash

original iPhone X camera grade A

original spare parts inside refurbished iPhone

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