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Refurbished iPhone X With Original Spare Parts
- Nov 15, 2018 -

This generation of Apple uses Apple's self-designed products from CPU to GPU. The A11 has also been upgraded to the Bionic Neuro Engine in addition to a significant increase in performance. He has an automatic learning function that evolves his own algorithms through the user's habits. The illusory AI technology has finally shinen into reality. In this chip hidden deep in the fuselage, there is a new era.

What iusedphone do is leave all the original spare parts there and we always refurbish iPhone from Grade C original iPhone and make it refurbished Grade A+ iPhone.That is why we can be confident with our qualified unlocked refurbished iPhone.

refurbished iPhone X sim card stray

refurbished iPhone X apple pay

refurbished iPhone X start screen

In addition to the machine body, the package also contains USB cable, headphones, chargers and other ancestral accessories. It is worth mentioning that although the new generation of iPhones have the wireless charging function of Qi standard, the original wireless charger is really expensive. If customers have requirements, we can provide wireless chargers made in China.

refurbished iPhone X charger

refurbished iPhone X usb cable and earplug

Compared with the old mobile phone, the iPhone X is obviously smaller than the PLUS series, and it is very close. This should be the best big screen solution in Steve Jobs's mind, but he did not catch up with the full screen.

refurbished iPhone X & iphone 6 plus comparison

refurbished iPhone X & iphone 6 plus comparison 2

Finally talk about FACEID, the biggest innovation of iPhone X. Really very sensitive and very easy to use, do not press any button, pick up the phone to face yourself, the phone screen automatically lights up and unlock, FACE ID is very easy to use.

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