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Refurbished iPhone XS And iPhone X
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Apple has released the latest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR phones. The first two OLED models are already pre-ordered, while the LCD models will be delayed until next month. Apple claims that the iPhone XS series is Apple's most advanced mobile phone product to date.

Iusedphone believes that top smartphone makers seem to have joined forces and decided to launch a boring iteration model in 2018, such as Samsung's Galaxy S9 series, which looks almost the same as last year's S8. Some analysts believe that the S9 series may It will be Samsung's worst-selling S-series phone since 2012. The most popular Samsung in the refurbished mobile phone market is still refurbished S7 edge and refurbished S8.

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Going back to iPhone XS, this series is by far the smallest S update. Apple usually uses the same design when it releases the S update, and then introduces new features such as Siri (4s), Touch ID (5s) and 3D Touch (6s), but this year's iPhone XS did not. Of course, Apple also highlighted the improvements in the iPhone XS series at the press conference, such as the A12 biochip and the next-generation neural network engine. There is no doubt that Apple executives believe that these are enough to attract fruit powder to upgrade the latest models in the first time, they think that iPhone XS is innovative enough and high pricing is very reasonable. So in the refurbished iphone market, this year's most watched is the refurbished iPhone X, and the most cost-effective refurbished iPhone 7.

This year, the biggest change Apple made was the introduction of the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, but compared to the iPhone XS, in addition to the larger display, higher storage capacity and higher price, it is comparable to the iPhone XS. There are no other innovative features available. National Bank iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max also have the difference between dual card dual standby.

One point raised by iusedphone is that for those who already own iPhone X, there is little reason to upgrade to iPhone XS. If you want a bigger screen, iPhone XS Max is a better choice, otherwise performance and camera improvements are not worth the extra money to upgrade iPhone XS.

However, if you are using any of the older iPhone models (including iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus) before iPhone X, the upgrades for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are very large. Even so, you should consider it before placing an order, because the official version of iOS 12 that Apple is about to push may rejuvenate your phone.

In addition, refurbished iphone consumers can upgrade IOS at the same time as other iPhone users. iOS updates will always make users feel fresh, but iOS 12 is a completely different update, because this new system is mainly concerned with improving device performance, not other New features. The most important point is that Apple really did. Many testers have said that upgrading from iOS 11 to iOS 12 will bring incredible speed and overall performance improvements. The old iPhone will run more smoothly and the battery life will increase. This is enough to make the old iPhone users are excited.

iOS 12 includes tons of optimizations, which can make better use of system resources. The most important thing is that this system will not eliminate old devices, that is, all devices running iOS 11 can upgrade iOS 12, including Apple. iPhone 5s released in 2013.

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