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Refurbished Original iPhone X In Bulk In China
- Dec 01, 2018 -

How does Apple reduce the volume to 70% while retaining all the chips? Apple adopts folding design

unlocked original iPhone X logic boardunlocked original iPhone X logic board    

original iPhone X motherboard    

The picture below shows the motherboard of grade A unlocked iPhone X compared to the motherboard of the original iPhone.

   refurbished iPhone X logic board

The chips on the refurbished iPhone X motherboard include:

Red: Apple APL1W72 A11 Bionic SoC, Hynix 3 GB LPDDR4x RAM Orange: Apple 338S00341-B1

Yellow: Texas Instruments 78AVZ81

Green: NXP 1612A1

Light blue: Apple 338S00248 audio decoder

Blue: STB600B0

Pink: Apple 338S00306 Power Management IC

motherboard iPhone X unlocked

original motherboard for iPhone X    

The chip on the back includes:

Red: Apple USI 170821 339S00397 WiFi / Bluetooth Module

Orange: Qualcomm WTR5975 gigabit LTE Transmit Receiver

Yellow: Qualcomm MDM9655 Snapdragon X16 LTE Tuned to Decoder and PMD9655 PMIC

Green: Skyworks 78140-22 Power Amplifier, SKY77366-17 Power Amplifier, S770 6662, 3760 5418 1736

Light blue: Broadcom BCM15951 touch controller

Blue: NXP 80V18 PN80V NFC Control Module

Pink: Broadcom AFEM-8072, MMMB Power Amplifier

  original iPhone X logic board

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