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The Reason For The Smooth Operation Of An Apple Cell Phone
- May 17, 2018 -

Apple mobile phone and Android mobile have different system frameworks, IOS system is written in C language, Android system is written by Java. Why is the IOS system more fluid? There are two reasons: the priority of IOS system calls is reasonable, and the GPU of IOS system is stronger than that of Android system.

The priority of the IOS system call

The highest priority of the IOS system is the screen, that is, the Touch. When our fingers touch the screen, the IOS system will prioritize the Touch level, while other processes and tasks will be hung up, taking up very little memory. When we want to switch to other tasks, such as when we want to see Taobao, when we want to see Taobao, we are switching to the open Taobao, the powerful GPU rendering the picture, in fact, the Taobao program does not enter the interior, and the presentation is just a picture. When we think about the next step to open Taobao, this short time, Taobao has been transferred into memory by CPU, and then it takes it naturally and has to say that IOS is really a great design, taking full account of the user experience, and this Android system really has to learn.

The powerful GPU of the IOS system

Likes to play games all know that GPU is used for graphics processing, also commonly known as graphics processor, the apple cell phone can run many large games with 1G memory, almost all of its credit. With a powerful GPU, you can quickly load maps, animations, and so on, while CUP is only responsible for maintaining the interaction of the game engine, which is a major innovation for the smartphone.

C language is process oriented, while Java is object-oriented. They are not a framework, not a logic of thinking.

The Android system is executed through the JAVA virtual machine, and the system needs to take up a lot of memory for the execution speed, plus the unscheduled memory auto recovery mechanism, which directly leads to the appearance of the cell phone card, which is why the Android machine has always been heap hard, and the iPhone only runs smoothly in 1G.

The system call of Android is also essentially different from the IOS. First, the highest priority in the Android is the current program, and all the processes and tasks in the background are directly linked to the memory of the CPU. If memory is compared to a house, the task and process are things that have been stuffed into the house and want to do whatever you want. It's not easy to get it out of the door. If there's something bigger in the doorway, it's a big cell phone sign.

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