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Which Is Good For The Input Method Of The Apple Cell Phone?
- May 17, 2018 -

Each cell phone has its own input method, and apple mobile phone is the same, but many people are not used to it and are not good at using it. Most Apple phone users will choose the third party input method, so which is better for the market with so many input methods?

One. Signal input method

The IOS version of the signal input method not only supports local language in all parts of the country, but also supports handwriting, nine palaces, full keyboard and stroke input. It is the most powerful third party input method of iOS bottle. I believe most friends are this one, convenient atmosphere.

IOS version of official flight input method: official download address: http://www.xunfei.cn/

Two, Sogou input method

The IOS version of Sogou input method can freely switch all kinds of input methods such as nine palace, handwriting, full keyboard and so on, which is convenient and practical. Sogou input method IOS version, the word is fast, do not need to be afraid of error, because it has automatic repair function, often typing wrong friends can use this paragraph.

Sogou input method IOS version official download address: http://shouji.sogou.com/

Three, Baidu input method

Baidu input method 2015 based on Baidu, the most powerful Chinese search engine in the world, provides the most comprehensive word library in the world for the majority of Internet users, adding the various humanized design and complete functions of the Baidu input method mobile phone version, making the Baidu input method 2015 the best use of the mobile phone input method of the IOS platform.

Baidu input method IOS version official download address: http://srf.baidu.com/

Four. Hand input method

IOS is intelligent and efficient, concentrating on the essence of input, and is completely free from advertising. It supports the nine palace Pinyin keyboards, the whole keyboard Pinyin keyboards, the English keyboard, the digital keyboard and the symbolic keyboard, and also supports the Classified Thesaurus and the online downloading of the delicate skin.  Users who do not like advertising harassment suggest using this paragraph clean.

The apple mobile phone input method gives you a brief introduction of the 4 popular ones. If you look at that one directly into the official website to download and install to the phone, you can download all of your mobile phone's memory enough and use one every day.

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