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Which Performance Is Better For Apple 5C And 5S Mobile Phones?
- May 17, 2018 -

Although now more than 6 of the age of Apple mobile phone, but it is undeniable that there are still many people like the 5 series of Apple mobile phones, if you want to buy Apple 5 series of mobile phones, 5C and 5S which performance is higher? More worth buying? 

1: Apple 5C and 5S processor are very different, a A6 one A7, the performance is at least 40%. If the phone is iOS7 or 8, it should not be a problem, not a card, but not fluent. It doesn't matter if you install a software and install 100 software. It stays in the background and does not consume resources, unlike Ann. Zhuo, software is more than one card, running time is usually installed only a few software, so running points high, but the actual use of slag.

2: Apple's word 5C is certainly not as good as 5S, if it is recommended directly to the 6, the 5 series of mobile phones are expected to be eliminated soon, and now there are fewer and fewer people using 5 series of Apple phones in the street, at least a SE

3: the first two years Apple 5C and 5S play little difference, now the gap is bigger and bigger, the gap between the 32 bit and the 64 bit processor is more and more obvious. Unless 5C is the 712 version, the more the more 5S is updated.

4: Apple 5C and 5S have been shut down, and can not buy a brand new.

5: Apple 5C is now less than one thousand, now Android no matter the new machine or second hand is quite good, if really want to install more than 100 software, only memory problem, if so many software at the same time, which cell phone is not good

6: Apple 5C and 5S have a certain gap, not only the performance, the handle is not 5S good, of course, the Apple 6 series mobile phone feel better.

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