Grade A Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

Grade A Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

After the release of three new iPhones this year, Apple's lack of innovation has led users to opt for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX. Instead, they are more inclined to buy used iPhone X or refurbished iPhone X. By convention, while Apple's new iphone released, and the old model will...

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After the release of three new iPhones this year, Apple's lack of innovation has led users to opt for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX. Instead, they are more inclined to buy used iPhone X or refurbished iPhone X. By convention, while Apple's new iphone released, and the old model will definitely cut prices. However, after the release of 2018, the price of the iPhone X has not only reduced the price but has a small price increase. But everyone has ignored the iPhone 8plus, and its price has dropped. In particular, China's refurbished iphone suppliers have provided more choices for refurbished iphone series.

 grade a refurbished iPhone 8 plus

The iPhone 8plus is a very classic look. This front panel hasn't changed much since the birth of the iPhone. From the iPhone 6 series to the iPhone 8 series, Apple has been using a similar design language for four years. Very classic home button (iPhone8 series is the iPhone with the last home button), from the classic metal body to the double-sided glass panel, the 5.5-inch screen is medium size, although it looks great.

 refurbished iPhone 8 Plus China

At the same time, the refurbished iPhone 8 plus uses an LCD screen, but it has reached the highest level in tuning. Compared to the LCD screen used in this year's iPhone XR, the parameters are even better (but Xiaobian believes that the iPhoneXR's screen tuning will not be worse than the iPhone8plus, it should be similar). And the size of the phone is also right, but for many people who like one-handed operation, this phone may take some effort to use, after all, the 5.5-inch phone is also very big.

 refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8plus is outstanding in all aspects. The A11 processor supports IP67 waterproof and dustproof, 3GB RAM (same as iPhone XR) and 64G/258 storage. This level is now the flagship of the flagship machine, and this year's A12 performance is not very big, but the production process is changed from 12nm to 7nm, relatively only the upgrade is only a larger gpu and the power consumption will be lower. . The battery capacity is 2675mAh. It is inevitable that this capacity will be used once a day. The refurbished iPhone 8 plus is still the longest iPhone of Apple before the iPhone XR is released. Usually the upgraded version of grade a's iPhone produced by iusedphone will use a new battery and frame, so you don't have to worry about battery life.

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As a professional Chinese refurbished iphone supplier, all the refurbished iphones we produce are completely equipped with original spare parts. The iphone motherboard has not undergone any modification. This refurbished iPhone8plus has a dual-camera 12 million wide-angle + telephoto design. The front-facing 7-megapixel camera, although its camera capability is not as good as the iPhone XS, but it is the same as the iPhoneX, it is still very powerful. There is a fruit powder spit, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max's self-portraits actually show a beauty effect, and can not be closed, this makes the apple that has always been known for its natural beauty is very embarrassing. The iPhone8plus's camera also supports up to 10x digital zoom (the same as iPhone X, iPhone XS/Max, iPhoneXR because it is a single shot, only supports 5x digital zoom), portrait light effect mode can simulate better The imaging effect, the amount of light has also been greatly improved, and its photo is better than the latest iPhone XR. The only difference is the lack of some features such as AR photography, which does not have much impact on our experience.

 refurbished iPhone 8 Supplier China

The iPhone8plus is also one of the first iPhones to incorporate wireless charging and fast charging. The 18W fast charging allows the refurbished iPhone8plus to reach 73% in one hour. The iPhone 8plus adds color temperature control to the original color mode, so you can clearly see the screen even in direct sunlight. Although the iPhone8plus has been released for more than a year, the performance of the A11 processor is still very strong. In addition, this year's A12 mainly improves power consumption and GPU. The iOS12 system will be as smooth as the newly released iPhone this year, and the camera will also be smooth. With a 12-megapixel zoom dual-camera, these configurations and hardware are similar to the three new iPhones this year.

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